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Rauf Raif Denktash / © cips/vidaluz(*24. January 1924 in Paphos, † 13. Januar 2012) From 1983 to 2005 President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is not recognised by the International Community.

In 1944 he went to the United Kingdom to study law and graduated from the Lincoln’s Inn in 1947. The same year he returned to Cyprus to start his own law practice. Since 1948 was very involved for the independence of Cyprus, wrote articles on the problems of the Turks on the island and assumed a leading role in organising the Turkish Cypriot Resistance movement against the ENOSIS movement. He was the head of the Turkish Cypriot Delegation of the Constitutional Committee drafting the Cyprus Constitution. With the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, Denktash was elected as the President of the Turkish Chamber. Following Greek coup in Cyprus and the landing of the Turkish troops on the island in 1974, Denktash played a key role in the proclamation of the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus, in 1983 he was the „architect“ of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He is the founder of the National Unity Party in 1975. He has also been the chief negotiator in the U.N. supervised peace talks since 1968 and as such was considered as a hardliner.

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