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The „EOKA“ started in April 1955 a guerrilla campaign against British establishment but the violently attacks hit the Turkish Cypriots, too. Because the expanded numbers of auxiliary Cyprus Police was achieved by disproportionate recruitment from the Turkish-Cypriot community. A situation that lead to open conflict between the island’s ethnic communities. In 1958 the TMT (Türk Mudafa Teskilat = Turkish Defence Organisation) was founded to fight the EOKA activity. Those events created mistrust and civil strife between the two Cypriot communities.

Tree of Idleness

In the shade of the Bellapais Abbey’s ruins in the north of the island once you could find the famous „tree of idleness“. Laurence Durell described its pleasant effect in full detail in his book „Bitter Lemons“. It is said that those who sit in its shade forget all their troubles and don’t move again, or at least only under protest.