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Nicosia Master Plan

Old town of Nicosia / © cips/vidaluzThrough the Nicosia Master Plan (NMP), Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots work together to restore and protect Nicosia‘s multicultural heritage and to build a vibrant and prosperous future for this historic city.

The Nicosia Master Plan Project Document was signed in early 1980. Now the NMP projects number almost a hundred. These focus on the restructuring and renovation of important areas of the historic centre, the improvement of traffic and transportation and visual improvements in landscaping, urban form and urban design.

One of the priorities identified in the Nicosia Master Plan was the revitalisation of traditional residential quarters within Nicosia‘s historic city centre. Chrysaliniotissa in the south-eastern part of the city, and Arabahmet in the north-western part were ideally suited because of their traditionally residential character and the availability of properties in the early 1990‘s.