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Makarios III / © PIO Republic of Cyprus(*13. August 1913 in Pano Panagia; † 3. August 1977), born as Michail Christodulos Muskos; orthodox Eastern archbishop and Cypriot statesman, first president of the Republic of Cyprus (1960-77).

Muskos studied theology in Athens, was elected Bishop of Kition in 1948 and Archbishop of Cyprus in 1950. As Archbishop he became Makarios III. He was the leader of the Greek Cypriots in the movement for ENOSIS (union with Greece), had an alliance with General Grivas. Nearly 600 people were killed in the struggle till Cyprus became an independent Republic in 1960 and Makarios III. was elected president. 14 years later he deposed by a Greek-sponsored coup in July 1974. After several month of exile he returned to Cyprus in December and resumed the presidency till his death.


An essential part of eating for pleasure is meze – literally tit-bits – which are served in most places as small dishes, hot or cold, spicy or savoury. A typical collection might be: fried vegetables, slices of meat and sweet bottled fruit. Often 20 to 30 small dishes. But even Halloumi with olives is a meze.