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In Cyprus, taro, a tropical plant primarily grown as a root vegetable for its edible starchy corm, is known as Kolokasi. It is usually stewed with celery and meat. 'Baby' taro is called 'poulles' on the island and after being fried is stewed in a sauce of crushed garlic and freshly pressed lemon juice with water. Important: break the Kolokasi peaces off, don’t cut. without breaking off, the vegetable will melt while cooking and has a soapy taste.

KÜCÜK, Dr. Fazil

Dr. Fazil Kücük / © PIO Republic of Cyprus(*14. March 1906 in Nicosia; † 15. January 1984 in London) qualified as a general medical practitioner from Switzerland, and returned to work in Cyprus in 1938. He became a tireless champion of Turkish-Cypriot rights and a vigorous opponent of British colonial rule in Cyprus.

During the 1950s, Dr. Kücük set up his own political party, established the first Turkish labour union in Cyprus and launched his newspaper “Halkin Sesi“ (The Peoples' Voice). Dr. Küçük represented the Turkish-Cypriots at the independence talks in 1959 and signed the agreement establishing the Republic of Cyprus on behalf of his community. He was elected the first Vice-President of the Republic of Cyprus. Although Rauf Denktash took over as the Turkish-Cypriot leader in 1973, Dr. Küçük never ceased working for the cause, even during his illness. He passed away, in Westminster Hospital-London on January 15, 1984.