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In 1963 when the conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots got worse, they accepted the cease-fire with the mediation of Britain. In December, the Peace Keeping Force constituted by the troops of three guarantor states GB, Greece and Turkey commanded by a British commander began its mission. Parts of the commission were also members of the both Cypriot communities: Glafcos Clerides and Rauf Denktash. The British colonel Peter Young drew the „Green Line“. This line separated the Turkish and Greek Cypriot sides of Nicosia. It was called the „Green Line“ since it was drawn with a green pen on the map. Today the Greenline is a synonym for the demarcation-line in the whole island.

GRIVAS, Georgios

Georgios Grivas / © PIO Republic of Cyprus(*23. May 1889 in Trikomo; † 27. January 1974, Limassol) also called Dighenis.

In his meaning a Cypriot patriot who helped bring Cyprus independence in 1960. His goal was Enosis (union with Greece). Grivas organized EOKA, (Ethnikí Orgánosis Kipriakoú Agónos) about 1955, after leading a right-wing resistance group in the Athens.