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Glafkos Clerides / © cips/vidaluz(* 24. April 1919 in Nicosia; † 15. November 2013) was the President of the Republic of Cyprus from 1993 to 2003.

In July 1960 he was elected to the House of Representatives that, in turn, elected him as its first President. He held this position until July 1976. In the circumstances created by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, he temporarily assumed the duties of the Acting President until December, the month of the return of Archbishop Makarios III, President of the Republic. In May 1976 he founded the Democratic Rally Party (DISY). He is married to Lila-Irene and has one daughter, Catherine, who is also a politician.


Commandaria is the oldest wine in the world still being produced until today. For the past 3,000 years this very special sweet concoction has been pressed from dried grapes. There is evidence that its unbroken tradition began in the year 1,100 B.C. with the wine’s reference in Homer’s writings. Its great time came in the Middle Ages when Richard the Lionheart took possession of the island of Cyprus. He came to appreciate its wine and made sure that it was heard of for the first time in his home country England. The Knights Templars, who took control of Cyprus the same year and following them the Knights of the Order of Saint John, subsequently carrying its excellent reputation world-wide. In the vineyards of their commandry’s estates, La Grande Commanderie, the crusaders produced the sought after Commandaria. Here – and only here – the grapes for the honey-like drink are being cultivated and pressed to this day.

Crusader Castles

Cantara Castle / © cips/vidaluzCyprus’ abundance of crusader castles amazes visitors time and time again. At the north coast, the defensive works St. Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara are placed next to each other like pearls on a string. Undoubtedly, St. Hilarion is preserved best in its original form. But you have an astonishing bird’s eye view of the mountains, the coastline and the azure blue Mediterranean Sea from each of the three castles.

Cyprus Cedar

As indicated by the name, the Cyprus Cedar (Cedrus Brevifolia) only occurs on the island of Cyprus. Cedar forests are said to once have covered whole areas until the Phoenicians came 3,000 years ago and used it for shipbuilding. Only the trees in the Cedar Valley and on Tripylos Mountain were left and today cover the hillsides like a dense green carpet. Also, the Cyprus Cedar is suited perfectly for bonsai cultivation.