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The publishing house Cyprus International Press Service is a Cypriot company bearing the signature of the two founders Marcos Gittis (photographer and graphic designer) and Christiane Sternberg (journalist and author) who moved from Berlin to Nicosia ten years ago. Besides to their task as Cyprus correspondents they continously enlarge the spectrum of products for the publisher CIPS Ltd.

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+357 99 151 049

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+357 99 159 189
+90 533 841 9344
+34 634 34 52 52

See here a selection of publications:


Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (Germany)
„Auf Zypern“, image for travel section by Marcos Gittis (11.6.2017)


Goethe-Institut Nicosia (Cyprus)
„Myths and Tales from across the Divide“
Multimedia Feature about the bi-communal Theatre Project (June 2017)
Link to website


128 Magazine of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Germany)
„Das Land mit dem dunklen Fleck auf der Seele“, (The country with a dark spot on its soul)
Feature about the art szene on the divided island (issue 1 2017)
PDF report


Radio SRF 4 News (Switzerland)
„Wahlen in Zypern – Wiedervereinigung ist noch immer ein Thema“
(Election in Cyprus – Reunification is still an issue) (23.05.2016)
Telephone interview on the current situation in Cyprus
Link to SRF News

Education Fair 2014

International Education Fair 2014 (Cyprus)
Poster and flyer design for the presentation of the German Embassy
and the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) at the International Education Fair 2014 in Nicosia
PDF Poster Education Fair


Zypern-Rundschau (Cyprus)
August 2013 – December 2014
The only German speaking newspaper in Cyprus, published by CIPS Ltd.
Zypern Rundschau May/June 2014


Panorama (Cyprus)
"Show-Room" (10. Juni 2013)
Virtual panorama tour of the Goethe-Institut Cyprus
Pano Goethe-Institut


ORF 2 (Austria)
"Im Zentrum" (24.03.2013)
Christiane Sternberg was guest on the tv show, topic: "Cyprus - Rescue or Collapse?"
The show on Youtube


Radio DRS (Switzerland)
"EU prüft Hilfsgesuch aus Zypern" (26.06.2012)
Telephone interview about the situation in Cyprus
Link to DRS News

Neues Deutschland

Neues Deutschland (Germany)
"Zypern sucht den dritten Weg" (23.06.2012)
Cyprus requests EU aid
PDF Neues Deutschland

Education Fair 2012

International Education Fair 2012 (Cyprus)
Poster and flyer design (trilingual) for the presentation of the German Embassy
and the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) at the International Education Fair 2014 in Nicosia
PDF Flyer Education Fair

Deutschland-Zypern 20/50

Deutschland-Zypern 20/50 (Cyprus)
Magazine about German traces in Cyprus (2010 / project: CIPS Ltd.)
PDF Deutschland-Zypern 20/50

Sunday Times

Sunday Times (UK)
World's five best places to retire (18.07.2010)
Photos: Marcos Gittis
(PDF Sunday Times 19072010
PDF Sunday Times

Rheinischer Merkur

Rheinischer Merkur (Germany)
"Wir sprechen Jesu Sprache" (03.06.2010)
Maronites in Cyprus
PDF Rheinischer Merkur

Westf&aumllische Nachrichten

Westfälische Nachrichten (Germany)
About the exhibition "Nicosia, the wall" with pictures from Marcos Gittis (May 2010)
PDF Westfälische Nachrichten

Sunday Times

Sunday Times (UK)
"Cyprus hunt for missing E-Clear cash" (24.01.2010)
Photos: Marcos Gittis
PDF Sunday Times

J&uumldisches Echo

Jüdisches Echo (Austria)
"Reanimierung eines Geistes" (Vol. 58/2009)
Jewish community in Cyprus
PDF Jüdisches Echo

Rauf Denktasch/©cips/vidaluz

Deutschlandradio (Germany)
"Weichenstellung für Zyperns Zukunft" (17.4.2009)
Feature about North Cyprus

Neshe Yashin/©cips/vidaluz

Deutschlandradio (Germany)
"Kunst und Politik auf Zypern" (3.9.2008)
Art vs. Politics in Cyprus

Noordhollands Dagblad

Noordhollands Dagblad (Netherlands)
"Verhalen van onbekend Cyprus" (17.05.2008)
Travel North Cyprus
Photos: Marcos Gittis
PDF Noordhollands Dagblad


Focus (Germany)
"Raus aus der Todeszone" (30/2006)
Lebanon war refugees
PDF Focus


Stern (Germany)
Flugzeugabsturz: Helios-Katastrophe (01/2006)
Helios air crash
(Reporter team)
PDF Stern


Journalist (Germany)
"Politik statt Boulevard" (02/2005)
Media landscape in Cyprus
PDF Journalist


Focus (Germany)
"Blühende Landschaften?" (19.4.2004)
About the referendum 2004
PDF Focus


Profil (Austria)
"Jasager und Neinsager" (19.4.2004)
About the referendum 2004
PDF Profil